Marie Baker is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner who’s goal is help improve the functioning of your body to allow it to heal.

Marie had been in the health in wellness industry for 16 years prior to making the decision to return to school. In her work as an esthetician and reflexologist, she observed positive changes in overall health with subtle and seemingly superficial treatment. This lead her to look deeper into various modalities of healing, eventually discovering the art and science of classical osteopathy. This is a modality of hands on healing that works to regain the body’s natural ability to self-heal and self-adjust. Her passion to help others find health, combined with a deep thirst for knowledge about all aspects of the human body, led Marie a career change. Marie has completed her Masters of Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences, which is an extensive 4 year academic and clinical program, at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy.

Marie has always loved nature and can be often found hiking, canoeing and camping.  A number of years ago she began beginner adult ballet classes, where, always the observant student, she soon found herself analyzing the biomechanics of dance and how it might affect the body (both positively and negatively). It is little wonder that Marie has embarked on the journey to help people overcome pain and gain health via a natural approach.